The first album
"Led Zeppelin II in the key of jazz"
has released on Leo Records (England)


Jet Lemon Band was created in 2014 in Weimar, Germany. The initial focus of this group was to cover songs of the great rock bands of the 70's. After several rehearsals, however, an inspiration morphed into a desire to honour just one legendary group, Led Zeppelin, with an album titled LED ZEPPELIN II (The Full Album), recreating the genius of this band in the style of jazz. The mutual respect for this world-renown group has driven our re-arrangement of each song from scratch. The amazing talents of the musicians have fused seamlessly and organically throughout the process of creating this album.
The reaction to this album has been overwhelming, resulting in invitations to perform at local festivals, as well as solo gigs at jazz clubs around Thuringia, Germany. So far, the fans' reactions have exceeded all expectations, expressing their enthusiasm for this new take on Led Zeppelin. There is an opportunity to embody the life of two very different styles of music--Jazz and Rock--in one cohesive album, and to capture the imaginations of both fan bases.


The musicians are graduates of Weimar School of Jazz

Jim AvivA

lead singer, keyboards

Sammy Lukas

piano, keyboards, saxophone, backup vocals

Hyunkyung John Kim

bass guitar

Jakob Kufert


Christian Eberhardt



Jet Lemon Band (jazz band)



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